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"On par with other energy drinks to wake you up but the lack of a horrible comedown and shaky hands is profoundly nice." - James R, USA
"Avidity provides a huge mood boost, way more than Monster!" -Kevin 0, USA

Here’s What People are Saying About Avidity

No crash!
It lasts way longer than energy drinks or coffee and doesn't have the carbs, sugar, or artificial flavoring. Plus there's no crash!
Abby F. - USA
Verified Buyer
Avidity is perfect for working out
Mixed in my shaker almost instantly and definitely works. Im used to guarana but mulungu and turmeric add a nice twist that I havent seen in pre-workouts. Post workout feels way better than usual so one of those is helping out for sure. 
Alex R. - USA
Verified Buyer
Good mood boost for a hike
Like to take a pick me up before hiking and avidity provides a huge mood boost, way more than Monster. Will be my hiking companion for the foreseeable future.
Kevin O. - USA
Verified Buyer
I use it for late night gaming
Avidity helps me get the focus I need to play at my best.
Christian D. - USA
Verified Buyer
Another great botanical product!
Im a botanical connoisseur of sorts but am new to Mulungu. I am overly impressed to say the least. I drink yerba mate, matcha, and other teas regularly but avidity has been phenomenal especially with easing the stimulation, even more so than theanine by a lot. Highly recommended avidity for anyone looking to try something out.
Danika S. - USA
Verified Buyer
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