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Avidity - 30 Servings

What's in it: Mulungu, Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Schisandra, Green Coffee Bean, Turmeric, Stevia, Sour Salt, Black Pepper Extract, and Natural Green Apple Flavoring.

How it tastes: Slightly sweet with a hint of crisp and refreshing natural green apple flavor.

Meant to replace: Energy Drinks and Coffee.

The Avidity Experience: Between 30-60 Minutes - A gradual increase in energy, alertness, and focus, which can lead to a heightened desire to be productive.

Between 1-2 Hours - The caffeine is now fully absorbed and reaches peak levels in the body. As a result, you may feel an increase in sociability and confidence.

Between 2-4 Hours - The heightened energy and alertness can last up to 4 hours. Users report a gentle descent akin to a parachute landing.

*Each serving contains approx. 140mg of caffeine

'Til Dawn - 30 Servings

What's in it: Mulungu, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Ginkgo Biloba, Chamomile, Stevia, Sour Salt, Black Pepper Extract, Purple Sweet Potato, Blue Spirulina, Beet Root, and Natural Orange Flavoring.

How it tastes: Slightly sweet with hints of honey and natural orange flavor.

Meant to replace: Chemical-laden and addictive sleep aids.

The 'Til Dawn Experience: Within 15 Minutes - Expect to experience a deep feeling of tranquility and ease. Now is the opportune time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a good night's sleep.

Between 15-45 Minutes - You will likely experience a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. Gentle drowsiness begins with the desire to fall asleep.

Up To 8 Hours - Anticipate a deep and restful sleep. Remember to set your alarm, as customers experience sleeping longer than they are used to. Wake up feeling revitalized.


Moon Dust - 30 Servings

What's in it: Mulungu, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Stevia, Sour Salt, Black Pepper Extract, Blue Spirulina, and Natural Grape Flavoring.

How it tastes: Slightly sweet and refreshing with a hint of lemon and natural grape flavor.

Meant to replace: Anti-anxiety compounds.

The Moon Dust Experience: Within 15 Minutes - Anticipate experiencing a deep sense of relaxation combined with physical tension relief and an overall feeling of well-being.

Between 15-60 Minutes - As anxiety subsides, the sensation of "butterflies" in the stomach may fade away, and as one of our loyal customers has stated: "it feels like a warm blanket around my nerves."

Between 1-3+ Hours - Around the one-hour mark, you can expect the peak of euphoric well-being, with sustained calmness lasting for 4 to 8 hours afterward.

Bond - 20 Servings

What's in it: Mulungu, Kava, Lemon Balm, Guarana, Stevia, Sour Salt, Beet Root Powder, Black Pepper Extract, and Natural Flavoring.

How it tastes: Slightly sweet with earthy tones and a delicious hint of grape flavor.

Meant to replace: Alcohol.

The Bond Experience: Between 15-30 Minutes - Socializing made easier, increased talkativeness, and reduced inhibitions with mild numbness in the mouth and tongue are expected.

Between 30-60 Minutes - Mental clarity, tranquility, and euphoria increase as the effects deepen, commonly described as a "buzz" or "high."

Between 1-3 Hours - Users report the peak of the experience around 1 hour. Stress continually reduces, and the desire to connect or "bond" with others increases. Then gradual relaxation follows.

*Each serving contains approx. 30mg of caffeine


How It works

It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3.







Our Guarantee

We’re confident that:

You'll experience the benefits of each blend
You will feel a reduction in anxiety
You’ll feel calm, clear-headed, and confident
You’ll love the taste

But if you’re not satisfied, let us know. We’ll give you a full refund up to 30 days after your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mulungu?
Mulungu (Erythrina Mulungu), also known as the coral tree, is native to Brazil and is renowned for its medicinal properties. The bark has been used historically as a sleep aid, pain reducer, anti-inflammatory, to lower blood pressure, and to treat conditions such as epilepsy and anxiety.
Why have I never heard of Mulungu?
After gaining immense popularity in other parts of the world, Mulungu is finally making its way into the United States. It is widely anticipated that this unique plant will make a huge splash in the US with its potent anti-anxiety and health-promoting properties. Research has revealed that Mulungu is much safer than other potent botanicals like kratom and kanna yet still produces a calming and euphoric effect. So if you haven't heard about this extraordinary product just yet, you soon will. Get ready for Mulungu to take the US by storm!
Is it safe?
At Bright Botanics, we know that safety is paramount. That is why we rigorously test each blend thoroughly to ensure that no interactions could cause harm. Numerous studies have confirmed Mulungu's effectiveness and tolerability. We invite you to learn more about the research and findings in our Science section.
Are there side effects?
At Bright Botanics, we take extra care to ensure that the botanicals we offer are safe and have no known side effects. However, as with any substance you consume, we recommend discontinuing use immediately if you experience any adverse reactions. So far, we have not had any reports of negative reactions. If you have any concerns about taking Mulungu or our blends, please contact us at support@brightbotanics.com, and we will be more than happy to help.
Should I take on an empty stomach?
If you wish to maximize the effects of Bright Botanics' blends, it is suggested that you take them on an empty stomach. Doing so will help ensure you feel their effects more quickly and intensely. However, taking the blends with food is also an option, as they are designed to be used both ways. No matter your preference, Bright Botanics' blends are sure to provide the desired results.
Where do you source your products?
Our products are ethically sourced and subject to third-party scrutiny to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Our Mulungu is sourced directly from Brazil, while the other botanicals used in our products are sourced from the United States. By committing to ethical sourcing and rigorous standards, we ensure that our customers receive only the best quality products.
How long does it take to arrive?
Your order will be processed and dispatched promptly - typically within one to two working days. If you have subscribed to our services, you can be sure to receive your package on or before the exact date of the month that you initially placed your order.
What dosage should I take?
We recommend starting with one packet to assess tolerance and not exceeding two packets of the same blend in a 24hr period.
Do you offer refunds?
We are confident that you will enjoy our blends however, on the off chance you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Are there any artificial ingredients?
Our ingredients are all-natural, including the Mulungu extract, and the beautiful colors are derived from natural and healthy extracts. To ensure a tasty experience, we also include the all-natural sweetener stevia and natural flavors.
How quickly does it start working?
Although this varies based on how full your stomach is, the typical onset is around 30 minutes for each blend. You may start to feel a calming euphoria within minutes of consumption.
How do I cancel or change my subscription?
If you wish to avoid receiving the next order, please email us 5 days in advance of your subscription renewal date. To cancel a subscription, please contact us at: support@brightbotanics.com.
Do you offer free samples?
We do! You can try any one of our blends here. The sample is free with a $4.95 s/h fee.
Are there any dietary restrictions?
If you are taking antidepressants, we do not recommend taking `Til Dawn. However, there are no other dietary restrictions associated with our products. It is important to speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet.

What Bright Minds Are Saying

“It takes away my overwhelming anxiety, leaving me with a clear mind and able to do my stuff without major worries”

“I'm not carrying around all these useless anxious thoughts that don't help me at all.”

“It helps my anxiety more than anything.”

58 Reviews
Verified Buyer
United States
Good Sleep Aid

Will help you fall asleep. I have chronic insomnia and this has helped a lot but some nights are still rough. Have never woke up "hungover" from taking this.

'Til Dawn - 30 Servings
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Verified Buyer
United States
Perfect for overall calm, taking edge off anxiety, and tremendous focus

I really needed something to help me lower my anxiety while trying to work. I avoid prescription anti-anxiety drugs like the plague especially now that I am older. I have noticed a sharp reduction in anxiety but I also noticed I was able to focus far more with moon dust than without it. Zero negative side effects so far and I have been taking it quite regularly. I also enjoy not having to swallow pills as a bonus.

Moon Dust - 30 Servings
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Verified Buyer
United States
Better than E drinks

The taste is much than I expected. I put a scoop into a 32oz water bottle and the flavor is still pleasant. I'm fairly immune to caffeine but still notice a boost with this. Keeps me going on during bartending shifts.

Avidity - 30 Servings
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Verified Buyer
United States
Best tasting kava mix out there

I didn't even notice a hint of dirt taste which is pretty rare haha. Effects come on fast and taper off within an hour or two but overall a great feeling.

Bond - 20 Servings
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Verified Buyer
United States
Frequent kava drinker thumbs up

I have been drinking kava off and on since I was introduced in 2012. I have never tried mulungu until bond but it really amplifies the effects. If you are a kava drinker I highly recommend trying it with mulungu.

Bond - 20 Servings
Was this helpful?
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Ethically Sourced


Gluten Free

+Dental Health

Experience all of the incredible benefits of Mulungu along with other all-natural products!

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